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Wild Kristen Bell’s pussy fisted and pumped

Wednesday, April 14th, 2010

If guys have found extreme and more gratifying ways of jacking off, chicks like Kristen Bell have something to rival that when they masturbate. You obviously already knows its fisting, from the above picture given, and I know you’ll agree with me on this one. Some celebrities can be so horny and have their pussies itching for some action that they’ll literally put their whole fist–or an accomplice’s–through while moaning and pretending it’s an arm-sized cock that’s penetrating their gaping vaginas.

And Kristen Bell is such a loose pussy that she likes getting fisted for the sole reason that it’s now the only form of masturbation that will make her feel anything at all. I think slutty moms who’ve already given birth wouldn’t be too alien to the feeling of having something more substantial than piss sliding inside your pussy (like I don’t know, a baby perhaps?), so you wouldn’t really notice it, but fisting can be a great way to make those MILFs horny and wet. But Kristen Bell isn’t a mommy yet, so it’s so astounding (and sexy) to see her getting fist fucked like this and see a smile of pure ecstasy painted on her lips. If you want more pictures of Kristen Bell’s pussy getting fisted, click!

Hardcore fuck pictures of Kristen Bell

Wednesday, April 14th, 2010

When Kristen Bell isn’t stuffing her mouth with cum, she also fancies getting stuffed with cum downstairs, in the pussy. Meaning, she also likes making guys cum by letting them fuck her blonde-haired pussy. She seems impatient in the first picture, since she’s practically pulling the guy’s cock close so he can quit with the teasing, insert it in her swollen pussy, and get to humping her until they both cum from pleasure and exhaustion. This is one horny chick who just won’t let up, and one who also has all the time in the world to give us all of her naked pictures while she’s getting pussy-pecked.

Us guys can all agree that it’s one thing to see a sexy chick being all slutty out on the streets, and another thing to see her being really slutty in bed. While we don’t really see Kristen Bell acting like a whore when she’s outside, vulnerable to the vulture-like paparazzi, she’s conceded to show us her true self with Kristen Bell’s horny fuck pictures to lay the dish on the truth. So you should get your fill of celebrity pussies getting rammed and click!

Horny Krista Allen getting a facial

Wednesday, April 14th, 2010

Heroes star Kristen Bell has one more superpower to show us guys, and that’s the power to hold volumes of cum in her mouth! With these naked pictures of Kristen Bell showing us her true skills as a facial pro, we’re given a better view of this hot celebrity chick’s activities behind closed doors. Check her out  in the first pic, trying to blow a cum bubble from the jizz that the lucky guy got to blow in her mouth. And the horny slut didn’t have too big a mouth to hold it all in, as she’s just letting everything dribble down her body, tits, and pussy, which is totally hot. As a side note, take a look at her lovely tits; man, would I want to blow my load on those nipples of hers, they’re perfect for just the job.

In the second picture, we catch Kristen Bell with her mouth wide open just seconds after the guy’s nuts unload the cum on her face. She’s such horny cocksucker, isn’t she? And from the looks of it, she seems to have done some christmas roleplaying to attract the spent guy and his cock to her pussy and blowjobbing mouth. Even with cum in her mouth, Kristen Bell is still fucking hot! And she’s so hot that I’d like to give you guys more pictures of Kristen Bell getting a hot, sticky facial, right there on the link. Click on!